United Burmese Cat Fanciers is one of the world’s longest established breed clubs dedicated to the Burmese cat. UBCF was established in 1958 when two breed clubs of the United States, the Burmese Cat Society and the Burmese Breeders of America combined forces. In 1959 UBCF made one of its greatest contributions to the breed by developing the breed standard, which even today is used by most registries with only minor variations. As a testament to the incredible insight and care taken by the original authors, this breed standard stands largely unchanged nearly 50 years later.

Historically UBCF was an organization that held that coat colors other than sable are a sign of hybridization. For this reason, the organization actively worked to block the acceptance of the other colors commonly seen (champagne, blue, and platinum) in the United States. Today, a more enlightened view is supported accepting not only the four colors recognized by CFA, but also the International colors (red, cream, and the tortie versions of the four domestic colors). Although UBCF does recognize all 10 colors as Burmese, it does not endeavor to promote combining North American and International lines. We feel individual registries best address this issue.