UBCF recommends that prospective pet owners request a non-committal visit to the cattery they are considering. A contract and health history should be provided by the breeder and carefully reviewed with questions answered. Prospective customers should visit with the breeder and the cat/kitten before making the important commitment to take the pet home. Likewise, the breeder should feel confident and assured that the customer will provide a quality home before relinquishing their cat/kitten. During their visit, the customer and the breeder will have an opportunity to discuss any particular needs and recommendations for the individual pet.

Additionally, UBCF recommends that new owners will have their cat/kitten examined by their veterinarian very shortly after bringing it home. Pet owners should be committed to maintaining ongoing veterinary care and a loving home for the lifetime of their pet, including provisions for times of their own illness or incapacity.

All UBCF members may advertise their cats and kittens on this website. UBCF does not provide cattery inspections, visits, ratings or oversight. UBCF does not endorse specific breeders who advertise on this website. UBCF does not review or enforce breeder contracts, negations with customers, complaints against breeders, complaints about cats or the like.